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          信息技术 provides the infrastructure and the information that connect the A&M-Texarkana community. With service as our focus, we help A&M-Texarkana faculty, staff and students get what they need from technology.

          信息技术 handles maintenance of computer hardware and peripherals at A&M-Texarkana, working on all PC and Macintosh computers, printers, internal and external peripherals, except for:

          • Computers and items that are not the property of A&M-Texarkana.
          • 由与外部供应商合同覆盖设备。


          • 你的电脑的品牌和型号
          • 您的建筑,房间号和电话
          • 的问题的说明
          • 对技术人员的帮助可用时间

          服务的所有请求,应直接向技术和远程教育办公室。请使用我们的 IT服务台.

          • 7101 UNIVERSITY AVE
          • 特克萨卡纳,TX 75503
          • 电话号码: 903.223.3000
          • F: 903.223.3104
          .背部 到达顶点

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